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5 Elements of a Landing Page that Converts

You spent months working on your website and finally launched it for the world to see. Now you spend countless hours on social media building up your network. Your marketing strategy is top notch and you have a really great product. But there is just one problem. Your website experiences a dismal conversion rate. Your…
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15 Game-changing SEO trends to expect in the near future

Google is constantly changing their platform and algorithms, as many as 500 times a year. With noteworthy changes to Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) including features like the knowledge graph and rich snippets, the one thing we can expect from Google is a dramatic change when no one expects. Digital marketers, website owners and…
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Features of an Excellent Copy Readers Never Forget

In the past, copywriters could write average content and convert visitors because Google and online readers didn’t know better. However, as time changed, quality improved and the expectations of Google and today’s reader adjusted. Readers now demand authoritative, quality content, creativity and an excellent copy that encourages them to keep scrolling. What are the traits…
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Read your customers’ mind with 7 these tools

Before technology advanced to where it has today, the most entrepreneurs used their intuition to make decisions. They simply made assumptions and rolled with it. The lucky ones turned out to be the most successful ones. Thanks to big data and analytics, this is not the case today. There are tools available that practically gives…
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