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Mobile App Development

Professional Mobile App Development Southampton

We are Egnut. We design and develop bespoke business mobile app solutions. For over 6 years we have successfully provided our services to clients in different areas in and around Southampton. From Hampshire to Mansbridge and Maybridge down to Eastleigh and Portswood. One thing that has remained constant through the years is our continuous commitment to satisfying our customers, delivering all projects on time, on spec and on budget.

Our mobile apps are developed following a simple philosophy, that under the right guidance, information is empowered for change. Egnut provides mobile app development services that takes a user-centric approach, putting your users first and delivering digital experiences that both enhance and amaze.

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How Can We Use Mobile Apps to Reach Your Customers?

At Egnut, we are aware that technology is constantly evolving. Our goal is to help businesses navigate through and plan a path to success. We constantly focus on developing smarter and friendlier ways for people to engage with technology. Using the right technology, our developers can successfully put your information into the hands of your target audience.

The mobile apps that record the most success are those which provide the most unique user experiences that lead to business transforming results, and they are not created overnight. We strive to constantly refine our process and search for ways to optimize our methods to connect deeply with our clients, develop the best apps, and enjoy our work.

At Egnut, we have the expertise and the experience to provide a full marketing program in order to make sure your app is a big success. Our mobile app development services are well loved by users because we focus on convenience and on adding real value to your business.

Our clients

Over the years we have built outstanding and successful mobile apps which priorities your users, putting them first. We have helped hundreds of clients, providing efficient mobile apps for some of the leading enterprise companies and the most innovative start-ups. We take a lot of pride in carrying out detailed and we make sure to maintain transparency and unmatched reliability throughout the whole process.

We enjoy developing apps which users love to use, and will choose over and over again. Here are some of the awesome clients we are working with:

  • BBC South
  • The NHS
  • ABP
  • Southampton Airport
  • Carnival UK
  • The University of Southampton
  • Southampton Solent University

Ordnance Survey

Mobile App Development Services That Optimize Your Business Processes

Are you searching for an app for a mobile phone, tablet or wearable device? Egnut can help you develop a mobile app that will do all the things you need it to. No matter the platform, Android, iOS, or Windows, we can design and develop according to your exact app specifications in the shortest possible time and at a competitive price.

If you need mobile apps that can increase sales and boost customer engagement, then look no further than Egnut. We work hard and fast to provide successful apps for our customers and we can’t wait to do the same for you.

Feel free to contact us with an enquiry on 02380 970979

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile App Development

What is Mobile App?

A mobile application or a mobile app is a program that has been developed to be used on mobile devices. Mobile device users can gain access to the mobile apps through the virtual shop of the application developer – Apple App Store for iPhones and Google Play Store for the Android users.

Do I really need a mobile app for my business?

At the moment, mobile remains the fastest growing area of technology in history. There are so many capacities made possible by mobile phones and other mobile technology forms and they have significantly affected the methods of operations for businesses where their customers and employees are concerned.

Should I develop my mobile app in Android or iOS?

If you are not ready to build for both platforms at the same time, you will have to decide the type of smartphone user you want to target first. In order to get complete market penetration, you may eventually want to develop for both iOS and Android devices. Egnut builds for the two and other software.

Who will benefit from my mobile app?

The main beneficiary of your mobile app is dependent on who your app is developed for. Your targeted users in turn depends on your business needs and goals. For instance, if you choose to develop an app to increase efficiency and productivity, then your employees will benefit the most from the app design.

Is it safe to give my idea for a mobile app to a development company?

You should be able to completely rely on developers to keep our ideas safe and private. At Egnut we are prepared to sign an NDA even before you share your idea. In addition, with or without an NDA, we make certain to respect your privacy and maintain the highest level of confidentiality with your app idea.

How long does the mobile app development process take?

Typically, an enterprise-level app takes at least three weeks to create. The duration of the process generally depends on the level of complexity of the app and on the kind of features you want in the app. The more the features in terms of amount and complexity, the longer the app takes to be developed.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

Developing a new mobile app can cost as little or as much as you want. It all depends on the quality, fit and detail you need for your app. We know how to work within your budget to provide you with all you need for an app that is as functional as it is outstanding.

In case you have any more questions, please contact us. We will be delighted to help you.