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Usability Services

How Easy Is Your Website To Use?

Do you need user experience expertise in order to deliver the ultimate experience to your users? Egnut performs end-to-end usability testing, recruiting users who are compatible with your target profile, and observing their interactions with your website. Our usability services focus on how easy your website is to use, how user friendly the design and navigation is, and ease of locating necessary information, products and services.

Egnut offers a range of website usability services designed to help clients, businesses and other organizations in Thornhill, Weston, Lordswood, Highfield and other areas of Southampton, to utilize their website to maximum potential. We make sure that they are usable and accessible by a wide range of audiences from individuals with visual impairment to those with snail speed internet connections.

Qualitative Usability Testing For Business Websites

For over six years, we have helped hundreds of clients, providing qualitative usability testing aimed at improving user experience on our clients’ sites. At Egnut, we do not depend solely on quantitative methods. In addition to data driven quantitative methods, we also make use of intelligence led qualitative usability testing strategies with which we can confidently provide actionable recommendations. All our usability services are aimed at one thing – improving critical flows through your site through highlighting the problem areas in the user experience.

Some of the clients we have worked with include: Carnival UK, Ordnance Survey, University of Southampton, Southampton Airport, Southampton Solent University, BBC South, the NHS, and ABP.

Are You Dissatisfied With Your Current Website Usability?

At Egnut, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you are unhappy with the current performance of your website, we can help you examine the problem and provide needed usability services. We offer usability testing to measure time on task and task completions to help you expose barriers you never expected. We are able to convert usability testing directly into actionable design improvements for you through controlling in-lab sessions, capturing each minute on a digital recording and then performing detailed data analysis.

Even if your products and services are still in the conceptualization stages or undergoing development, we can help you make sure that the concept achieves full potential and is ready for production. Our services also includes helping our clients understand their mature products and services and presenting it in the most attractive way for your most important assets – your clients.

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What is the Process involved in Usability Services?

Our usability services undergoes a comprehensive and effective process from discovery stage to final follow-through. Throughout the entire process, our focus is firmly on your needs and on the needs of your website. We begin by discussing your site, and your goals for the system, find the right users fitting your audience profile, design a custom experiment for you to ensure we get the proper data and feedback. Depending on the nature of the project, usability testing sessions are carried out either on-site or with our in-house usability testing lab. We will then create a comprehensive report outlining actionable recommendations. At Egnut, we have a ready and highly experienced team capable of carrying out end to end implementation of the recommendations. For over six years, our team of developers and designers have been creating usable interfaces for clients in Southampton and surrounding areas, including Portswood, Eastleigh and Winchester.

Egnut offers a range of services that will provide accessibility and usability for your business website. This is beneficial to your website in the form of increasing and maintaining traffic. Website accessibility involves how a website responds to visitors who for one reason or the other are unable to browse the website. We will ensure that your website adequately caters to such individuals and accommodates site visitors with special needs, visual impairments or other disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Usability Services

Q: Why do I need to get my website evaluated for usability?

You need a professional team trained in recognising usability to go through your site. Different components such as website layout, ease of scalability, browsing and converting and so on are examined. The strong and weak points of your website will be pointed out for you to adjust. The effect will be reduced bounce rates and more visitor retention.

Q: How is accessibility important for my website?

When your website has optimum accessibility, you offer each potential site visitor an equal chance to experience your products and services, with minimum difficulty. Egnut will conduct a full scale usability and accessibility analysis, inspecting the most common issues on your site and making decisions about whether your website simply needs a little fix or a huge overhaul.

Q: Can the needed changes be carried out by Egnut?

We are delighted to answer – YES. Should your website fall short in any area where accessibility or usability is necessary, our team of developers can work with your business to smooth out the issues. The necessary changes can be carried out by our developers directly, or we can provide internal developers with the documentation outlining the gaps.

Q: How do you recognize a website that is usable?

Usable and accessible websites have to be fully W3C compliant. Among the different things we look out for while conducting a full scale usability analysis, we check if the website is enabled for page zooming, or live colour changing. These two qualities are especially important but are unfortunately neglected by a lot of developers.

Q: What is the cost of a website usability report?

We charge for our website usability services depending on the amount of work your website needs. The fees cover basic and detailed usability reports covering the main issues affecting your website’s bounce rate and the amount of conversions you get. You can also call to find out about our discounted rates on 02380 970979

With usability services from Egnut, you can find out how your users engage with your website, how they react to in-built website technology and loading speeds. We provide you with detailed, actionable reports about the challenges involved and take steps to correct and improve your user experience.

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