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Have you ever run a marketing campaign that seemed to have no direction or appropriate method of accountability? Chances are that you ended up spending more without achieving the purpose of that campaign. Two things are responsible; either you had an incapable campaign manager or none at all.

Whenever you plan a campaign, whether it is digital, TV and broadcast, print or direct mail, you need a campaign manager you can trust. An effective campaign manager will not only save you precious ad spend, but will also ensure your campaign generates the right returns by accomplishing your original marketing goals. If you don’t have a business campaign manager, this article explains why you should.

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The definition of a marketing campaign manager is often misunderstood. It is simply a senior individual contributor position used to unify a cross-functional sales and marketing team with the aim of developing an integrated and compelling marketing campaign.

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Yes. As long as you hire the right person for your campaign, there will be a significant difference when compared to not using one at all. The impact will immediately be felt in the integration of your various marketing channels, the consistency of the overall messaging and eventually consumer response. You are better off working with an experienced manager any time.

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As mentioned previously, they monitor and integrate messaging across various marketing channels, but the responsibility goes beyond that. Campaign managers;

  • Device business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) integrated marketing campaigns with the purpose of winning and retaining customers.
  • Manage the execution, tracking and evaluation of marketing campaigns
  • Prepare briefs and supervise the work of internal and external agencies, including designers, printers, animators who prepare materials used during the campaign.
  • Work within the budget and report on any deficits or surpluses.
  • Retrieve data to inform subsequent campaigns and evaluate existing ones.
  • Keep up to date with marketing trends in the industry
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The job of a campaign manager is very demanding. It is therefore important that you choose a highly capable individual.

    • Management skills

A campaign manager designs marketing plans but the sales/marketing team or external agencies delivers them. The campaign manager is expected to guide and establish parameters, as well as, delegate team members.

    • Communication skills

Having excellent writing skills is a necessity. Campaign managers will often write marketing copy for promotions. However, the also need to be proven oral communicators because they will have to speak at rallies or convince senior personnel about proposed campaigns.

    • Project management skills

Marketing campaigns are essential projects. They require working within a budget, meeting deadlines for multiple tasks and guaranteeing ROI on each campaign. The individual will need to manage your project’s deliverables effectively and intervene when it is going off-rail.

    • Numerical skills

The campaign manager has to be good with words and numbers; an unusual combination of skills, yet necessary. Analytical skills are important for measuring big data and interpreting its implications.

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Not necessarily. You can choose to hire an independent expert or an agency to manage your campaigns. Say you run a fruit juice company in Southampton and would like to focus on the process of juice production alone, you could outsource the marketing responsibilities to a company with experienced campaign managers. They will help spread your communications across South East England, including Hampshire, Near Portsmouth and Southampton water. This will give you enough opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business.

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This depends on the structure and marketing plan of your business. While some businesses run campaigns throughout the year, others do so periodically. If you are among the former, you will require a steady campaign manager. They could be an inhouse employee or an agency on an annual retainer. On the other hand, if you run campaigns occasionally, you can hire a campaign manager at the start of each project.

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The answer to this question is not as straightforward as it may seem. Each type of model is effective in their own right. For example, if you run few campaigns all year round, you may find it easier to work with an inhouse staff and engage external agencies occasionally. But if you run multiple campaigns regularly, a single campaign manager might not be enough. It will be more cost-effective to hire an experienced agency with capable campaign managers.

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Prices vary across the industry. Depending on the extensiveness of the campaign or the scope of the project involved, costs will differ. The type of agency in question will also determine the rates. However, some agencies operate with special packages designed to accomplish different tasks within a budget. For example, Egnut has affordable packages tailored to meet the needs of each client’s budget- big or small.

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Egnut is a Southampton based marketing communications company. Our processes are formed from data-driven, intelligence-led strategies that help our clients accomplish their goals.

Whether you are a large company or a small one, our marketing campaign managers have helped businesses maximise their campaigns within their budget. What’s more, we have evaluation tools to monitor success.

Our client list includes Carnival UK, University of Southampton, Ordnance Survey, ABP, BBC South Southampton Solent University, Southampton Airport, and the NHS.

We have worked with businesses across Southampton and some of them operate in Eastleigh, Totton, Romsey, and Winchester. Because we have been doing business the South East for a long time, we have the contacts and technical know-how to make your campaigns excel beyond expectation.

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Do you want an effective manager that will make you campaign speak volumes? Get in touch with our integrated marketing department.

Call us on 02380 970 979 or send us an email today.