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Why quality Content Copywriting is great for a website

Content copywriting can be a great way to draw massive traffic to a website as well as tremendously boost a website’s SEO. Drawing traffic is accomplished by developing and publishing written content that a large number of readers will find either entertaining or informative or even both. But asides from being engaging, content copywriting still has a primary purpose which it has to fulfil in order for it to be effective. That primary purpose is marketing or promotional advertising. This means that content copywriting can be used to entertain a large audience while promoting a brand, product, or service.

But for content copywriting to be wholly successful, keyword research is necessary. Through keyword research, a copy writer will be able to determine what topics or keywords are trending and thus know what a large number of internet users are interested in. With this information, content that a lot of visitors are actually interested can be created and then designed to strategically promote a brand.

Simply put, content copywriting is great because it allows you to control the narrative and tone of your site as well as efficiently draw the audience you want to your website.

How does content copywriting affect a website’s success?

Statistics have shown that 40% of online shoppers return purchased items because of inaccurate product description, and 87% of shoppers avoid an ecommerce site whose written content they cannot trust.

On the other hand, well written, accurate, and engaging content is capable of attracting more online visitors and bringing about an improved conversion rate of at least 90%. This is because eloquent and well developed content makes a website appear knowledgeable in its field as well as authentic.

At Egnut we create only content that shines a positive light on our clients’ website and optimise that content to attract more traffic and boost SEO. If you or your business are located anywhere around Eastleigh, Totton, or the general Southampton area, contact us now on 02380 970979 for effective content copywriting services. We assure that content copywriting services from us will increase the confidence and engagement of any visitor that enters your website.

Why get excellent content copywriting from Egnut?

Content copywriting services from us comes with the following benefits that improves a website’s standing;

  • High quality content that is delivered when you need it and serves the purpose that it is required for.
  • Attract more traffic with interesting content.
  • Promote your brand thus make it more popular and recognisable.
  • Reduce your website’s bounce rate and gain a higher conversion rate.
  • Written content that visitors not only find engaging and informative but also content that boosts the SEO ranking of your website.
  • Turn your website into an authority in its field with authoritative and reliable content.

What features set our well written content apart from others?

For content copywriting to be effective it has to have at least the following features;

  • Simple language that a majority of readers can easily understand and enjoy.
  • Meaningful, educative, and trustworthy information that readers can actually use.
  • Up to date information that is relevant.

We ensure every content we generate has the above features and more in order to guarantee the best results for our clients.

Content copywriting is important to SEO ranking because it is the written content of a website that a search engine’s bots will crawl. Well-designed content will make it easier for a search engine’s bots to crawl through and will also provide indicators that show if a website page deserves to be highly ranked or not.


The value of quality content copywriting usually outweighs it costs. The price charged for written content usually depends on the number of words required and other specifications that the client might demand. To get the best value for money, it’s best to hire the services of a tested and trusted copy writer.


Copywriting is mostly used for promotional purposes. If effectively done, copywriting can be effectively used to promote a brand across various websites and social media platforms. Poorly written content on the other hand can have the opposite effect and make a brand or product appear unreliable.


Anyone can create content, but not everyone can create effective content that can fulfil the purpose it is needed for. Thus, only a copywriter who knows what features a content should contain and the best language and tone to use to get the best results should be hired.


Visitors go to a website seeking information or entertainment. It is best when content provides both where possible. A website with interesting content that has pertinent information is bound to attract more traffic as it has what people are looking. One way we generate content that people actually care about is through keyword research.


Duplicating content from another website word for word is something search engines such as Google frown upon. Copying or plagiarism will negatively affect your website’s SEO and is something search engines can penalise your website for. It is best to use only quality and original content for your website.


We have been providing quality content to clients in Southampton and the general South East England area for the past six years. Some of our happy clients include; University of Southampton, Southampton Airport, BBC South, ABP and Carnival UK.

Do you need data driven, intelligence led strategies that will improve your website’s standing? If yes, then Egnut is the firm to provide you the online solutions you need.

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