Conversion Rate Optimisation

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Any online business with the aim of attracting customers and getting them to perform an action on its website requires a robust conversion strategy. Contrary to what many people may think, conversion isn’t just for e-commerce companies. Even a food blog can implement strategies to enhance engagement rates.

If you own a website, this topic should interest you too. The following questions tackle common issues people have about conversion rate optimisation. But first, what does CRO mean?

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In order to understand the meaning of conversion rate optimisation (CRO), it is important to know that every web page has a purpose. What is the purpose/goal of your web page? Is it to sell products, engage readers, or promote calls on your business line?

Conversion is simply getting a visitor on your website to take action on any of these goals. A fashion magazine company would typically expect its service page to get visitors to subscribe. The strategies the magazine implements to optimise and measure visitors’ subscription activities is known as conversion rate optimisation.

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Getting visitors to perform specific actions on your website is not as easy as it sounds. Consumers’ behaviour is characteristically unpredictable, let alone that of an internet consumer. The average internet user is extremely impatient, as a result, the slightest disappointment could drive them to other websites.

One of the strategies behind CRO is the use of insights. This involves systematically studying user analytics on your website to understand how they behave. When do most people visit your website? Why do the stay longer on a particular page instead of another? Or what call to action buttons are getting them to act? Knowing the answers to these questions is one of the ways to optimise conversion. Other methods include testing and regular auditing.

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A conversion audit is also known as a website review. It involves looking at your website from the customer’s point of view and identifying areas that may require improvements- changes that will boost chances of conversion. The major focus areas include website design, layout, search engine optimisation, content, the checkout process and social media optimisation.

With the knowledge that customers arrive your website from various points, a conversion audit specialist takes all these points into consideration during an analysis.

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Depending on your digital marketing calendar or the performance of your current marketing campaign, you may decide to perform a conversion audit during an ongoing campaign or at the end of the campaign. This is to monitor the on-going performance of the campaign, in relation to your website’s features. Conducting an audit at the end of a campaign seeks to make a comparison for results before and after the campaign.

Ideally, a conversion audit may be performed at any time and as frequently as possible in order to make important changes. There is no ‘perfect’ time to carry out an audit. Optimising your conversion rate is best done when it is informed by insights obtained from a comprehensive audit.

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Regardless of any additional goals a business may have, the hard truth is that it seeks to make profit. For example, an online company designed to deliver food to customers in Southampton will want to keep making deliveries in order to make profit and stay in business. Imagine a situation where people no longer place orders on their website, or they merely land on the page and bounce off without any activity? This would threaten the continued existence of the business.

Conversion rate optimisation is a systematic process that ensures the company optimises its opportunities to continue receiving and satisfying food delivery requests. In the long run, it will make sufficient returns to stay in business and possibly expand operations.

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Every part of a website contributes to the overall customer experience. It is therefore difficult to put a finger on a single area of importance. From the web layout and design, to the engaging content and check-out page, a website must perform holistically to convince customers to convert.

If you work with the notion that web design is priority and focus on placing crisp images and designs, without optimising the checkout process, your customers will enjoy navigating through its pages and tabs. But when it is time to check out and there is a snag, they will abandon the cart which is the main idea in the first place. Likewise, if you concentrate efforts on the checkout process and neglect web design, the customers will find it hard to navigate to the checkout page, even though it is optimised.

Conversion rate optimisation is about the customer’s whole web experience. The sum of its individual parts working seamlessly to effect a successful conversion.

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The best way to approach a busy marketing plan is to work with an efficient agency. You can choose a package that covers all the essential marketing activities- including CRO- while staying within your budget. If you operate near Portsmouth, or Hampshire or along Southampton water, Egnut can help you organise your marketing plan.

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Egnut is a Southampton based marketing communications company. Our work principles stem from data-driven, intelligence led strategies that provide proven solutions for our clients.

Whether you run a small business or a big company, our professional are experts at CRO strategies that will help you grow your business. Our clients list includes Carnival UK, University of Southampton, Ordnance Survey, ABP, BBC South Southampton Solent University, Southampton Airport, and the NHS.

Our digital marketing professionals have worked with businesses across Southampton. Many of them operating in Eastleigh, Totton, Romsey, and Winchester have benefited significantly from our services.

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