Google Compliancy

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Google compliancy is something we do not take for granted or treat lightly at Egnut. This is because we know being Google non-compliant in the slightest can lead to ramifications that we would prefer our clients not to experience.

More than 50% of currently active websites are in one way or another contravening Google’s guidelines either accidentally or deliberately. It is only a matter of time before Google decides to take decisive action against such websites. Google has already removed over one million websites from search results for being non-compliant. To avoid joining this list of slain websites, contact Egnut now on 02380 970979 and let us help ensure your website’s Google compliance and continued success.

We have been providing SEO solutions to Southampton residences and businesses for six years now and we have managed to accrue a long list of happy clients. Some of South East England’s establishments that have benefited from our services without complaint include; the Southampton Airport, University of Southampton, BBC South, Ordnance Survey, the NHS, ABP, Southampton Solent University, and Carnival UK.

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Google compliance refers to a website that is carrying out search engine optimization and operating according to Google’s stipulated guidelines. Such websites enjoy improved SEO ranking when properly optimised.

On the other hand, a website that engages in search engine optimisation practises that Google finds to be non-compliant risks being either slightly or heavily penalised. The consequence of either a slight penalty or a heavy one is better off avoided especially because regaining lost ranking can prove to be difficult. It is for this reason that Egnut makes sure to stay constantly updated concerning updates to Google’s guidelines and algorithm, and ensures that none of the SEO strategies we implement for our clients are in contravention of said guidelines.

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Google compliance should be of paramount importance to you and your business’ website because getting penalised by Google for non-compliance can have a damaging effect to your website as well as your business’ reputation.

A website that is Google compliant can grow and accrue traffic, and come to be recognised as a leader in its field. That is, a trusted website. But being penalised for being non-compliant can make a website suddenly appear untrustworthy and this can tarnish the image of a business.

The sort of activities that are commonly treated by Google as contravening their guidelines can be described as blackhat SEO tactics. This involves using tactics that Google frowns upon to boost a website’s SEO ranking. Blackhat means taking advantage of loopholes, vulnerabilities, and algorithm limitations to gain SEO boosts. But keep in mind that the results are usually short-lived as Google penalises such sites as soon as they are noticed.

Thus, beware of any SEO specialist that promises amazing results within a suspiciously short time period. Only SEO specialists that have a track record of delivering authentic and long lasting results that do not contravene Google’s guidelines should be hired.

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Egnut’s SEO team specialises in evaluating the link profiles of websites. This allows us to suggest and implement changes that will effectively render your website Google compliant and thus remove the probability of your website being penalised. Our compliancy solutions will also make sure to remove and unfollow all immaterial or poor quality external links that are capable of having a bad influence on your website.

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Whitehat SEO are search engine optimization practices that do not contravene Google’s guidelines. These are safe practices that will get desired results for your website without fear of repercussions. Egnut only uses Google approved whitehat SEO tactics for our clients to ensure they enjoy our solutions for a long time to come.

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Using only whitehat SEO solutions and avoiding blackhat or greyhat solutions is in the long term best interest of a website. This is because whitehat SEO practices do not get penalised and give a website the opportunity to build up a positive reputation over time.

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Blackhat SEO practices are search engine optimisation tactics that contravene Google’s guidelines. While using this tactic can provide impressive and quick results to a website, the gains of blackhat SEO are usually short-lived. This is because eventually, non-compliant SEO tactics used on your website will come to Google’s notice and your website will be penalised.

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A Google penalty can be described as a damaging impact to a website’s search engine ranking. It is usually caused by a website using SEO tactics that contravene Google’s guidelines. A penalty can range from either a website being unlisted from search engine results to ranking for a targeted keyword dropping drastically. Either way, the effects are bad.

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A website that has been augmented with blackhat SEO will eventually have problems with Google. To ensure your Google compliance, Egnut can scour your website for things like bad quality links, unnatural links, or toxic links and similar elements that Google disapproves of. Such links that can lead to a partial or site-wide penalty will be removed by us.

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If you believe your website is under a penalty, contact us at Egnut and we will help restore your website. We will assist in restoring the normal position of your website and have the penalties removed.

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