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Drive Conversions Through the Roof by Getting Your Business in Front of Consumers Who Matter

What good does it do you if people halfway across the world get to see your website while those closest to you in Southampton don’t? Local SEO is a gem that helps you put your business in front of a relevant audience searching for just what you offer. At Egnut, we understand the ins and outs of local SEO and have helped hundreds of clients grow their businesses in and around Southampton from Highfield Campus and Lordshill to Winchester and Eastleigh.

Why is local SEO crucial for your business in Southampton?

In 2016, 72% of customers who conducted a local search visited a store within 5 miles. Local SEO lets you tap into this and put your business in front of those who are more likely to head to your store and patronize you. Our local SEO services are designed to make sure you never miss out on any possible leads in and around Southampton.

With our local SEO services, we help you target consumers who are in Southampton and nearby areas including Maybush and Townhill Park, all the way to Portswood and Hedge End. We’ll make sure you get maximum exposure to potential customers looking for your services or products in Southampton by increasing your website's organic rankings in the major search engines including Google.

What is local SEO?

Google is location-focused and tries to help users find the most relevant results to their queries by generating results closest to them. Local SEO is a reliable way to help potential customers to find your business locally. Local SEO is different from regular SEO and requires a different set of tactics.

Our local SEO services are designed to ensure that you rank higher for searches related to your service or product and your location. Using intelligence-led strategies, we have been able to successfully put some of the biggest brands within South East England, including Carnival UK and the NHS, in front of consumers who really matter.

How we optimize Southampton businesses for local SEO

While local SEO is definitely different from the usual SEO campaign, we still take into consideration on-page SEO factors and links, but we focus on a different type of links. We take some of the focus away from authority sites and ensure you are consistently linked to from local websites who are talking about topics related to what you do. That is only one part of the equation.

We optimize your website so it reflects your local profile and details of what you do, as well as the areas you cater for. We also use the free tool provided by Google called Google my business to build your local presence while ensuring you are listed in the most reputed directories. We don't recklessly list your business on hundreds of directories as search engines consider websites that do that scam.

Having done local SEO for over 6 years, we have worked with a variety of clients from University of Southampton to BBC South, and are able to provide a solution tailored for you.

What is local mobile SEO?

While 54% of consumers who use a computer or tablet to do a local search will visit a local store within a day, about 50% of those who use a smartphone to perform a local search will head to a local store within a day. With mobile devices accounting for more local searches than desktops, it is compulsory that your website be optimized for mobile viewing, or at least we make it a compulsory part of our local SEO strategy in order to help our clients get the best results. At Egnut, we are bent on using data-driven and smart tactics to help our clients reach their business goals.

Who needs local SEO the most?

The short answer is everyone needs local SEO. The long answer is businesses who are location specific and have their customer base within or close to a particular area need local SEO the most, including health and medical care providers such as dentists. Other businesses who absolutely need local SEO include restaurants and bars, plumbers, law offices, real estate, and so on.

What is local SEO citation?

A citation, often referred to colloquially as NAP (name, address, and phone number) refers to an online reference of your business name. Citations are used much in the same way as links are in an SEO strategy, but the difference is citations do not link to your business website. All citations must exactly match the NAP on your Google My Business page and on your website.

Is it possible to do local SEO for a multi-location business?

Yes, of course it is. There is no single local SEO strategy for all types of businesses and the most effective strategy for one business may not be the most effective for another. We understand this at Egnut and so are able to provide the best value for different kinds of multi-location businesses including franchises and large companies that serve multiple locations.

What if you don't have a physical address and still need to rank for local searches?

It is not as easy for businesses without a physical address to rank for local searches, but it is possible. At Egnut, we’ll review your situation and come up with a strategy to help you get a competitive edge against your competitors even if you are a service-area business.

Why is Egnut your best bet for local SEO in Southampton?

Our local SEO services cover numerous areas such as Hampshire, Near Portsmouth, and reach as far as Totton, and Romsey, so you can be sure that with our local SEO services, your business in Southampton will see a rise in the number of visits to your store from consumers in and around the city. Give us a

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