Mobile SEO

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Is Mobile SEO the future?

As of 2016, 70% of UK adults were favouring their mobile devices for accessing the internet while 77% of adults purchased goods and services online. This is a clear indication that mobile devices are steadily but surely replacing traditional desktops and laptops.

And Googles seems to be in favour of this trend as their current algorithm is designed to give a better ranking to websites that are more mobile friendly. Clearly, this means that in the near future, any website that hasn’t optimised its mobile SEO is planning for failure.

Mobile SEO is quite different from traditional SEO in the sense that it is more focused on improving and configuring a website’s content to be visible and usable on a handheld device. Because mobile devices have smaller screens and thus smaller dimensions, a website that can be conveniently accessed and used on a computer might not work so well on a mobile device – Certain features may not be accessible, the website’s content might appear poorly arranged, and navigation might be a problem.

Any website owner who is looking to be appealing to a wide audience needs to update the mobile SEO of their website if they intend for their website to be visited by the increasing population who find it more convenient accessing the internet via their mobile device.

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What is Mobile SEO?

Unlike traditional SEO, mobile SEO is more focused on improving a website’s mobile friendliness. That is, improving a website’s capability to be viewed and used via a mobile device.

It doesn’t matter, if your enterprise or your target audience is located in Eastleigh or Hampshire or anywhere else along Southampton Water. As long as you want more people to be able to access your website, you need to make it more mobile-friendly. And this can be accomplished by ensuring the mobile SEO of your website is effectively in place. Contact Egnut now on 02380 970979 to get mobile SEO services that will place your website in a position for success.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeInUp”]

How can we get you the mobile SEO you need?

At Egnut, we make sure to constantly stay abreast of changes in the world of search engine optimization and search engine ranking. And because mobile SEO has become an integral part of increasing a website’s potential for success, we have mastered the art of optimising websites for mobile.

To ensure your website’s mobile SEO is properly in place, we will carry out the following;

  • Increase the loading speed of your website for mobile devices. This is a win-win situation as it will also positively influence the loading speed of your website across all other devices.
  • Improve the design of your website so it becomes more compatible with the viewing screen and interface of mobile devices.
  • Take out pop-ups which might negatively affect the browsing experience of mobile visitors.
  • Increase the size of buttons and icons, especially BUY or ADD TO CART buttons, to improve the mobile user experience.
  • Optimize titles and meta descriptions by making them more concise but without sacrificing their quality.

Because visitors are five times more likely to exit a website once they find it to be mobile-unfriendly, it is very important you let us implement what is necessary to upgrade the mobile SEO of your website. More internet users are using their mobile devices now. You cannot afford to have a mobile unfriendly website with poor mobile SEO if you are looking to succeed online.

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Asides from the fact that search engines such as Google are now more inclined towards highly ranking websites with mobile SEO, there’s also the issue of the increasing number of people who prefer accessing the internet via their mobile device. Without mobile SEO, your website will be unappealing to the increasing number of internet mobile users

What happens if I don’t have mobile SEO?

Without mobile SEO, search engines such as Google will not rank your website highly in search results. Also, mobile internet users will not be able to access your website. Simply put, a lack of mobile SEO places your website at a disadvantage against websites which have had the foresight to update their mobile SEO.

What is the difference between mobile SEO and desktop SEO?

Mobile SEO is more focused on improving a websites visibility and accessibility to mobile device users. Desktop SEO on the other hand is more focused on improving the overall performance and search engine appeal of a website. Having only desktop SEO done on a website will not put in place all a website needs to become fully mobile friendly.

How does no mobile SEO affect a website’s performance?

Lack of mobile SEO means the large population of people who are using their mobile devices to access the internet might be unable to access your website’s content or even find your website. To get the best value from owning a website, it is best to have mobile SEO implemented.

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and what you need to know is Google is giving precedence and more visibility to websites that have it. Having it in place increases page loading speeds and boosts a website’s ranking on search results.

Is mobile SEO worth it?

Presently and in the long run, mobile SEO is worth it. As more internet users drift towards mobile devices for accessing the internet, mobile SEO will become paramount. Thus, it’s better to get ahead of the competition at the moment by getting mobile search engine optimised now.

Is your website Mobile Search Engine Optimised?

If it isn’t and you are the Southampton area, contact Egnut now on 02380 970979. We have been providing data driven, intelligence led SEO strategies to some of South East England’s biggest businesses for six years now, including establishments such as; Southampton Airport, Ordnance Survey, BBC South, the NHS, and ABP.

We have the skill and expertise to deliver results that will make your website a leader in its field.[/vc_toggle][/vc_column][/vc_row]