Pay Per Click Reports

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As you strive to gain competitive edge for your business, whether in e-commerce or online engagement, you must not overlook certain proven strategies for success. While SEO remains a great way to boost your organic web traffic, marketing research has shown that a combination of both SEO and PPC marketing produces excellent results for traffic volume and conversion rates.

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Pay-per-click or PPC is a form of internet marketing where advertisers pay a token amount each time a user clicks their ad. In other words, it is a way to buy traffic to your website as opposed to “earning” them organically.

Search engine advertising is a major form of PPC. It permits you (the advertiser) to bid for an ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored link when an internet-user searches for a particular keyword or term related to your business offering.

For example, if you run a store, Southampton Electronics, you can bid for the phrase, “electronics in Southampton”. A potential customer searching with this particular phrase will be served your ad when their search results come up.

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Advertising online requires a more active approach than just waiting to lure customers. This is because other internet businesses are not resting on their laurels. If you don’t act, you could be left behind. Pay-per-click also provides businesses with an opportunity to reach potential customers right when they are searching for their product. This means the chances of a conversion are more likely.

Imagine a woman living in South East England, looking for “running shoes” online is presented with an ad for running shoes available in stores near Portsmouth, or Hampshire, along Southampton water or River test. She has a high chance of clicking that ad to learn more about the product. Essentially, PPC marketing brings your business to sales-ready customers at the time they need it most.

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The benefits are many. But to start, it is important to acknowledge one thing; PPC reports. One of the disadvantages of traditional advertising is the ability to monitor or measure success according to money spent. In most cases, the results are mere estimates. But with online advertising, the real-time PPC reports provide a way for analysts to access the performance of their budget while a campaign is still running. This means you can make changes for better results on the go.

With PPC reports, you can see how many people click your ads, how much you spend per click, which keywords work and which ones don’t. The opportunities enable you run a highly accurate and targeted campaign. Your business is assured of results it can see and changes it can make to improve them. Alternatively, if you are dissatisfied with the performance of a campaign, you can stop it and try a different approach.

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Not if you are trained adequately. PPC marketing on a Google Search engine can be analysed with Google’s own inbuilt measurement tool. The tool, which could be Google Adwords report or Google analytics can be integrated into your AdWords account to record the performance of your campaign.

At Egnut, our digital marketing professionals can work with your team to set up a PPC report program, as well as train them to understand basic campaign results. This allows them to study and implement working strategies in real time. The beauty of Google’s PPC reports is the ability to import the figures onto a spreadsheet and share with other members of your marketing team. The extracted reports are easy to interpret because the data is highly visualised.

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The name ‘pay-per-click’ indicates that you only pay for the advertising used. For example, if you manage a retail store and buy the keyword, “Casual sportswear in Portsmouth”, you do not pay for it until somebody searching with this phrase or something related to it comes across your ad and clicks on it. The ad takes them straight to your sales or product page where they can choose to buy.

An ad click can cost as low as 0.20 pence, and you can set up a daily budget limit so you don’t overshoot spending. This puts you in total control of your business’ digital spend. Ideally, PPC marketing is a cost-effective alternative, so long as you target your ad placements accurately.

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Search engine optimisation is an equally reliable way to drive traffic to you site. The results are encouraging too. But typically, SEO requires a long-drawn process and it can take a while to fill those posts with the right keywords. Relying on it alone has its limitations in the long run.

On the other hand, combining your SEO activities with a well-thought out PPC campaign can be very rewarding, especially if you get them right. You need PPC reports if you want to be in control of your ad campaign. The click-through rates, cost-per-click, relevant keywords and so on, are features you must manipulate to leverage your campaign positively. It may seem complicated at first, but with help from the right PPC marketing partner, it can be easy.

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Egnut is a Southampton based marketing communications company. Our work principles are the result of data-driven, intelligence led strategies that provide proven solutions for our clients.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small business or a big corporation, our team of experts have years of experience in providing PPC marketing solutions that will help you target the right audience. Our list of clients includes Carnival UK, University of Southampton, Ordnance Survey, ABP, BBC South Southampton Solent University, Southampton Airport, and the NHS.

Our digital marketing professionals have worked with businesses across Southampton. Many of them operating in Eastleigh, Totton, Romsey, and Winchester have benefited significantly from our services.

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Are you looking to set up a Pay-per-click marketing campaign? We can organise a training program and teach you to analyse the PPC reports.

Call us on 02380 970 979 or send us an email today.