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Responsive Web Design

In need of Responsive Website Design for your Ecommerce Business in Southampton?

Sure you do. Because over 60% of searches now come from a mobile device. If you want to be among the businesses that will be found, let us make your website responsive or design a new responsive website for you from scratch. Wherever you are in Southampton, whether Thornhill, Highfield or Northam, or even in the nearby cities of Winchester and Portswood, we can work with you.

Are you interested in incorporating responsive web design into your online strategy? With increasing amounts of searches being carried on mobile devices than on computers, we can help you make your website more mobile friendly and stop you from losing site traffic.

Rebrand your Presence Online

At Egnut, our website designers will create an innovative, mobile responsive experience that will refresh the way your brand is currently being viewed, on any kind of device. Our web design expertise perfectly complements your ideas in order to provide you what you need. We offer our clients more than just a website. You get site traffic, leads and sales that justify all of the blood, sweat and tears you put in your business.

If you were wondering, you certainly need a responsive website. If your users are unable to view your website properly, they will not continue viewing your site, causing you to lose sales. Egnut will design websites for you that look great and allow for easy use on all platforms. While it might take a little more cost and time, it is well worth it when weighed against the potential sales you would get in the end.

Experienced and Excellent Responsive Web Design in Southampton

Since we started business over six years ago, we have successfully helped hundreds of people. Some of our clients include the NHS, University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, Ordnance Survey, Southampton Airport, Carnival UK, ABP and BBC South.

We consistently strive for excellence in all we do, and we seek to satisfy our clients as much as possible. Our aim is to ensure that your online presence is engaging and click-friendly. In creating a responsive website design for our clients, we put the focus on a user-centric approach. We carefully consider the users’ mobile experience because they determine to a large extent, the end results of your website design.

Simple, Responsive Website Designs that get Results

Egnut website design experts can provide you with a responsive website design that is that is simple, looks good and is user friendly. We make sure all your online experiences function perfectly on every screen possible. Whether a smartphone, tablet, android phone or iOS device, your online experience will be designed to cater to a new generation of consumer.

We are a results-driven company. Simple, responsive and efficient website designs is what we can give to you. We can redesign your website, updating the content and colour scheme, in addition to making it responsive. If your website no longer looks good on tablets and mobile phones, we can help you.

If you are new to Responsive Website Design, here are some of the most popular FAQs:

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design refers to an approach to web design in which the design and development of a website is made to respond to the users screen size, platform and orientation. It consists of a blend of images, flexible layouts and grids. As the user switches devices, the website automatically switches in response, accommodating the new device screen.

Why do I need Responsive Web Design?

If your website is responsive, you will have a higher chance of showing up on search results more than a site that isn’t. In addition, you will be giving your users the most consistent and enjoyable experience possible. Also, people accessing your content from a mobile device will see the most essential information.

What makes a good Responsive Web Design?

A good responsive web design is one where web designers think beyond the small screen to provide solutions that will benefit all screen sizes – both small and very large screen sizes. The main goal is therefore to create better website experiences for users, providing benefits that can be accessed from any screen size.

What is the process of Responsive Web Design from start to complete website?

The process of responsive web design is a straightforward one from start to finish. It begins with planning the content and ends in testing the designs in the browser. We put a lot of focus at the testing stage, replicating everything in a mobile format, using a good idea of the smallest and biggest formats, and how well they will look.

How will Responsive Web Design help my ecommerce business?

A Responsive Website Design will help your ecommerce business to grow and thrive, because it can be conveniently viewed on a mobile phone. Consider that 67% of users are more likely to go through with a purchase using a smartphone on a mobile-friendly site than on a non-mobile optimized one.

How does Responsive Design Work?

Responsive web design targets the size (in width) of each user’s web browser to calculate the available space on the screen and how the website should be displayed. This allows the web designers target ranges that make up the different individual displays on browsers, whether on phones, tablets or desktops.

How does Responsive Web Design influence my website SEO?

Looking from an SEO point, a non-responsive web design will need site authority to be built from the scratch. Unfortunately, most separate mobile sites do not rank well in search results. A responsive website will enable you to maintain your backlinks, and you can focus your SEO on a single site.

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