SEO Packages

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Congratulations, You Have Found the Perfect SEO Packages for Your Business.

Search engine optimization has become an absolute necessity for any business today and it is not always easy to find a satisfactory SEO package to suit your business needs. Egnut provides you a suitable range of SEO packages to deliver the results you need. Having worked with hundreds of businesses around South East England, we understand the unique needs different kinds of businesses and have designed our packages to fit your marketplace, expectations, and situation just right.

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Why our SEO Packages are your best bet

If you are concerned about the drop in sales you have seen after updating your content management system or new website and don’t understand why, we can help. SEO goes beyond focusing on getting high rankings on Google, but also involves what is going on with your website and optimising your site to see higher conversion rates. Egnut provides all-inclusive SEO packages you will find are tailored to your needs. Let us help put your business in front of your target audience wherever they are in and around Southampton, from Midanbury and Bassett Green to Eastleigh and Totton.

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What are SEO packages?

SEO packages are monthly subscriptions which require you to pay a fee on a monthly basis for us to optimise and make changes to your website for better representation of the site in search engine results. The changes we make to your website may include on-site optimisation, blog posts, link building, keyword optimisation, Google Maps placement, and so on. At Egnut, our team of SEO experts and brilliant copywriters employ data driven, intelligence led strategies to make sure your website ranks better on Google’s SERPs.

When you come to us, we’ll evaluate your business and advise you on the best package for your needs. The results we achieve are never the same for every business and will differ depending on the industry and scope of the business.

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How our SEO packages provide the perfect solutions for you

Once you have an SEO package running and you have given us the login details to your website, we will proceed to perform a competitor analysis with the aim of digging up areas for opportunity. Then we create a list of keywords and move on to optimising your website to this keyword list. Through the entire process, you will be completely involved as we’ll work together to generate the appropriate keywords and answer any questions you may have.

Typically, our SEO packages include manual reviews and investigation to find and correct ‘unnatural links’ and negative SEO attacks. We also investigate to find out if your site is being affected by Google penalties including Panda and Penguin. We perform a technical SEO audit of the most crucial pages of your website and a thorough review of your site from Google’s standpoint.

Competitor research and spam detection is also an essential part of our SEO packages, as well as identification of quality backlinks in your niche. You can count on us to provide expert advice on how to properly market content, how to start building quality backlinks, and how to avoid ranking issues with Google in future.

SEO is a long, tedious process so we cannot promise that your website will become hot cake overnight, but we can guarantee you’ll see true, measurable results within a reasonable timeframe which could be anywhere between three and eight months, depending on the specific state of your website. You can rest assured that you will remain updated on what is going on at every stage. We have achieved satisfactory results for some of the biggest brands including BBC South, the NHS, and ABP.

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Do small businesses need an SEO package?

Absolutely. Given that 50% of users who make a local search will visit a store within a day, small businesses need SEO now more than ever in order to reach customers around them. We help small businesses reach their target audience wherever they may be in Southampton and beyond, whether they are in Hampshire, Near Portsmouth or Southampton water all the way up to River test.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeInLeft”]

How much do your SEO packages cost?

There doesn’t necessarily have to be a fixed price for an SEO package. This is why: there are more than 200 specifics with Google’s search engine algorithms, and how your website ranks depends on the present state of your website. What we do at Egnut is to optimise and make modifications to your website, sometimes having to work on as many as a hundred or more elements on your site to achieve your desired results. Essentially, the cost will depend on the scope of work.

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When will your website achieve high rankings?

No SEO company can guarantee you a spot on the first page of search results, not even us. How long it will take for your site to see significant improvements in rankings depends on a wide range of factors, both on-site and off-site, which are taken into account by Google’s algorithms including Pidgeon, Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird. Depending on your website and industry, you may begin to see results between three and 8 months, maybe more.

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Can you rank for any keyword no matter what it is?

There is a nearly limitless list of keywords you can rank for but there are some so competitive it wouldn’t be the best move to try to rank for them. Also, we won’t try to rank you for keyword phrases taken by another client as this would be unfair; one has to be on top of the other.

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Who creates the content?

Egnut boasts a brilliant team of copywriters who are adept at providing any type of content for your site, whatever the niche.

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How many links do you get?

Our packages are not based on the number of backlinks as we focus on distribution of quality content.

For more information and guidance on which of our packages will be best suited to you, kindly call 02380 970979.