SEO Training

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With SEO training from Egnut, you will be shaped into an effective SEO guru within a short time period. The process our firm uses to deliver SEO training has been designed to provide in-depth SEO knowledge at a pace every student will find convenient. Bespoke and niche training is available for businesses who prefer having a more tailored and one on one training session.

The goal of our SEO training program is to put the power of controlling a website’s ranking success in your hands. An SEO expert trained by Egnut has the capability to optimise a website from multiple angles, both on-site and off-site, to increase its ranking.

Do you reside in South East England or around Eastleigh or Winchester and would like to become a master at search engine optimisation. Call us now on 02380 970979 for quality training in mastering how to effectively influence a website’s search engine ranking the right way.

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What is SEO Training?

What position a website ranks in search engine results greatly influences the success or failure of that website. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training, an individual learns how to effectively modify a website and imbue in it the capability to rank highly in search engine results.

SEO training provided by Egnut focuses on teaching only whitehat SEO practices. That is, SEO practices that search engines approve of and do not penalise a website for.

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How can you benefit from our SEO Training program?

Quite simply, you will learn how to make a website and its content the best it can possibly be. SEO isn’t all about augmenting a website to improve its search ranking. It is also about making a website more appealing to visitors. Some of the useful knowledge that will be shared with you through our training program includes;

  • Introduction to SEO: This aspect of the program will teach you about the basics of SEO such as the SEO factors that influence a website’s either low or high ranking. It will also teach you about how search engine’s work and how they go about deciding what website to rank where.
  • Technical SEO: This aspect of the program takes you deeper into SEO and enlightens you about the more technical parts such as coding, search engine bots, how web pages are ranked, and so on.
  • Keyword Research: This aspect of your SEO training is vital because it is the foundation on which most SEO strategies you will implement will be based. It involves determining what keywords people are currently searching for in relation to what the website being optimised offers, and other intrinsic matters.
  • Site Structure: You will also be taught how to amend and improve a website’s structure to improve its navigability both for user experience as well as for the crawling ease of search bots.
  • Conversion: The importance of conversion to improving SEO ranking and how to reduce a website’s bounce rate and improve conversion rate will also be taught.
  • SEO copywriting: This will involve educating you on how to create page content that is both engaging for visitors as well as boosts a website’s SEO These are just a few of the things you would have learnt upon conclusion of the training program.
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What are the benefits of being SEO trained?

Anyone who diligently receives our SEO training will no longer need to spend money hiring a SEO consultant, will be able to place websites ahead of their competitors, and will be able to increase the marketability of a website. Not only that, SEO training grants you the ability to turn a moribund website into an exciting one.

What is SEO training for copywriters?

SEO training for copywriters involves teaching content writers how to create quality content. Quality content will be both appealing and engaging for readers. It will also have better anchors, be easier for search engine bots to crawl over them, boost conversion rate, and most important of all, at the end of the day boost the page as well as SEO ranking.

Is SEO training or hiring a SEO consultant more cost effective?

An SEO consultant will only be available when you require and have paid for the service. Said service can be needed multiple times during the lifetime of a website. But with SEO training, it is a onetime payment for useable knowledge that will stay with you for the rest of your life time. With training, you might no longer need a consultant because you are the consultant.

How expensive is SEO training?

The cost of SEO training is dependent on the specific program you opt for. But we assure you that we have a SEO program that best suits your financial capability and will still provide you the knowledge that you seek.

Can I teach myself SEO?

SEO knowledge can be gained from a number of sources. But for quality and up to date knowledge that is useful and applicable, we suggest being taught by a professional like us. Our curriculum leaves nothing out and everything new or forthcoming about SEO is delivered to you by the end of a training program.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the training?

By the time you are done training with us at Egnut, you will be a certified SEO expert and we will issue you a recognised certificate stating as much.

Where to get SEO training in Southampton?

If you are in the Southampton area and you are looking to get top of the line SEO training, then all you need do is contact us at Egnut. Call us now on 02380 970979.

We have been providing quality SEO services and solutions to residents and businesses of South East England for the past six years. And are trusted by reputable clients such as University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, Southampton Airport, Ordnance Survey, BBC South, the NHS, ABP and Carnival UK.

Count on us to deliver SEO training that will place you above the rest and arm you with the skills to overcome a variety of SEO challenges.