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Social Media Marketing

Why ignoring Social Media Marketing might be a mistake

With over 1billion users on Facebook, 700 million on Instagram, and over 300million active monthly users on Twitter, it is clear what an apparent goldmine social media is for marketing. In 2014, 92% of marketers stated that social media marketing was beneficial to their business, and 80% of them claimed social media marketing actually drove more traffic to their website. That was in 2014 when social media users weren’t as many as they are now.

With this data, it is clear that social media is a fertile ground where business and non-business organisations can access a wider audience on a global scale. With social media marketing, a brand can be marketed to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time. Best part is, the feedback from an ongoing social media marketing campaign is almost immediate as you can monitor how social media users are responding to the campaign.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the process of making use of social media platforms to generate awareness concerning a brand. It also refers to the practice of gaining traffic or attention for a website through social media platforms.

A website as a whole and what it has to offer can be marketed via social media, or just individual pages of a website can be marketed. Either way, with the large number of people using social media, a targeted marketing campaign can create great publicity for a website and thus direct a lot of traffic to it.

A firm in Portsmouth can use social media to market its website to an audience located in Romsey or in another part of the world and get positive results. Social media is vast and so is its potential. This is why Egnut offers its clients the opportunity to use social media to their advantage to boost their website’s traffic as well as their business’ profitability. If you are in South East England and will like to tap into the power of social media marketing, contact us now on 02380 970979. Our services are bound to give you results that will place your website at the top

Why do our clients prefer Social Media Marketing?

Many of our clients opt for using social media to promote their website and their brand because of the positive results they have gotten from it in the past. By letting us harness the power of social media on their behalf, our clients have enjoyed the following benefits over the years and more;

  • An increase in inbound traffic to a marketed website
  • Gained an increase in brand awareness from both audiences who were formerly familiar with the brand and those who had never heard of it. Also an increase in brand loyalty as the popularity of the website increases.
  • Improved search engine rankings generated through social media marketing, and inbound links from social media platforms and shared pages.
  • Social media marketing is surprisingly cost effective especially considering how effective it is at delivering desired results.
  • Increased traffic to a website as well as improved conversion rate from the traffic.

These are just a few of the benefits our clients enjoy when we execute a social media marketing campaign on their behalf.

Each year as the number of social media users increases, the potential customer base/audience of our clients also increases. This means that social media is a still expanding pool whose potential and capability is only increasing with time. For many years to come, the power of social media marketing will still be relevant.

Why is social media marketing effective?

Because of the large number of global users on social media, marketing via social media platforms is an effective tool that is capable of reaching out to a large and varied audience all at the same time. It can also be used to target a demographic that’s more pertinent to your goals.

How is social media marketing done?

Social media marketing is carried out by uploading the right content across social media platforms to attract the right audience. For the best results, you are better off contacting a firm like ours to utilise social media to give your website a coveted edge and boost your SEO ranking.

Who needs social media marketing?

Anyone who has a website or brand to promote can use social media to their advantage. As long as you need to have something promoted, you can contact us at Egnut and we will use every skill and tool at our disposal to get you the results you want.

What is the best platform for social media marketing?

Every social media platform can be used for social media marketing in some form. But due to the large number of users currently Facebook (over a billion), the platform is deemed to be the most ideal for marketing because a larger and more diverse audience can be reached through it.

How cost-efficient is social media marketing?

Compared to other forms of marketing on the internet, social media marketing is quite cost effective. You can control how much you spend on a social media campaign and monitor the results. By monitoring the results of a campaign we can help you get the best return in investment from a campaign.

What is social media marketing used for?

Social media marketing can be used to promote a brand to get more customers, or can be used by a website to draw more traffic. Because of the large number of users currently on social media the potential traffic that can be got through it for a website is quite high.

How to get effective social media marketing in Southampton?

For the past six years, Egnut has been delivering data driven, intelligence led social media marketing strategies to South East England firms. We have successfully provided solutions to the satisfaction of establishments such as; the University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, Southampton Airport, the NHS, and BBC South.

If you are in the Southampton Area, or close by Eastleigh, Totton, or Hedge End, and you are looking to to boost your site’s traffic and SEO, call us now on 02380 970979 for services tailored to best satisfy your needs.