Features of an Excellent Copy Readers Never Forget

In the past, copywriters could write average content and convert visitors because Google and online readers didn’t know better. However, as time changed, quality improved and the expectations of Google and today’s reader adjusted. Readers now demand authoritative, quality content, creativity and an excellent copy that encourages them to keep scrolling.

What are the traits of a memorable copy that convinces visitors to take your call to action, convince the audience of your undoubted authority in your niche and leaves its’ mark on the reader’s mind?

  • Good Copies Have a Stunning Lead

Urban daddy is an email-based magazine drawing attention to new eateries, products and experiences. One characteristic in their copy is the way they make you want to read the next line to see where the copy is headed.

“Six days. That’s how long you have until 65% of your body is turkey”

The purpose of this sentence is to get the reader to read the second line and beyond. This opening sentence is so powerful, everyone reading it wants to find out how to prevent his or her body from becoming turkey in six days. If the first line doesn’t captivate the reader, it’s all lost.

  • Anticipate the Reader’s Question

The goal of most copies is to educate the audience and solve a general problem experienced by most of the audience in your niche. Good writing serves the readers by anticipating questions readers will have as they read the content and answers them within the piece.

Some questions to answer include :

  • What questions will the reader have?
  • What experience will the reader derive from the writing?
  • How can I make it clearer for the reader?
  • Have I used harsh words unnecessarily?
  • Will the sentence have the desired effect?

Good writing employs simple language the reader will easily understand. A marketer will identify core problems and find ways to create content that aligns them to the customer’s product or service.

  • Good Writing is Honest

You should never lie to your readers or try to sugarcoat the truth. Google is an infinitive well of knowledge and online readers are unforgiving when they find out your copy misled them in any way. For example, if your website was a portal for selling used cars, your copy would entail the repair works that any prospective buyer will undertake before using the car.

When you are honest and transparent, you build trust with your customers, who take you for your word and buy from you because they believe you put the truth first.

  • It Tilts your Perspective

A good copy subtly shifts the angle of the reader’s perspective. People have blocked so many marketing messages, they won’t even read them anymore. A powerful copy slowly breaks down a reader’s guarded thinking until its’ tilted the reader’s view.


Instead of taking a copy head on, good copywriters ask themselves why the topic matters and challenge themselves to find a unique angle to express the message in a way that resonates with the audience. Connect with your readers, so it feels personal. Avoid jargon and big grammar that confuses the reader or distracts from the central message and remember that shorter sentences always make the most impact.


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