Read your customers’ mind with 7 these tools

Before technology advanced to where it has today, the most entrepreneurs used their intuition to make decisions. They simply made assumptions and rolled with it. The lucky ones turned out to be the most successful ones. Thanks to big data and analytics, this is not the case today. There are tools available that practically gives you the ability to read your customer’s mind. Using these tools will give you the superpower of refining your product and features such that they will resonate with your target audience. Find them in the list below.

Answer the Public

Answer the publicWith Answer the Public, you gain insight to what people are searching for online. Answer the Public acts like a reverse Google. You type in a search term or keyword, but it doesn’t provide you with answers. What it does is provide you with even more questions and phrases. These questions are the leading questions that people ask and how often they ask them. The results are returned visually and can be used to gain an insight into the emotions and the motivations of people that are searching. When you use this tool you can find out what people need but somehow haven’t been able to find just yet. Makes for a great brainstorming session when you want to decide in which direction your business will grow.

Survey Monkey

SurveyMonkeyIt’s easy to get caught in trap of overconfidence where you decide to innovate without first finding out what the customer needs. Basing your business decisions on assumptions is a recipe for failure and you will learn the hard way that products that you feel will resonate deeply with your target audience can be a massive flop. Survey Monkey is a paid service provides you with a way to actually ask your customers what they want and get feedback that actually matters to your business growth. Survey Monkey provides a simple interface that enables you create a survey in minutes and deploy to your target audience.


typeformTypeform is similar to survey monkey in that it provides you with a means of building customer surveys. The only difference is that the features of the free version of Typeform offers a wider range of features than survey monkey. If you are a small business with a narrow budget, then Typeform is a more cost-effective solution to your survey needs.


amplitudeAmplitude is an advanced products analytics tool designed with the aim of helping developers build better products by giving them a more thorough understanding of user behaviours across different devices and platforms. With Amplitude, you can track which features of an app keeps users engaged the longest based on data collected. This will give you critical insights on how to create customers that are loyal to your product and provide you with information needed to maximise your product development strategy thus improving business outcomes. The tool’s ability to segment users depending on their previous interactions with the app can also be leveraged to create innovations that resonate with the target audience.


followerwonkFollowerwonk can be used to identify influencers and get an insight into their Twitter audiences. It is also a great way to keep your thumb on the pulse of your followers. Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool that is often used to analyse the tweets of both influencers and their followers, thereby providing you with statistics about tweets. With Followerwonk, you can grow a more targeted Twitter audience, find the influencers in your niche, and classify your target audience according to location, followers and compare users to each other. The data you can get from Followerwonk is priceless but only if you know how best to convert it into gold for your business.

Buffer Reply

Buffer-logoBuffer Reply is a customer support tool that gives your team the ability to speedily engage customers on social media. With Buffer Reply, you can specifically focus on customer dissatisfaction using an inbuilt filter that enables you to bypass the irrelevant chatter. Buffer reply gives you the opportunity to offer real-time customer support by displaying your community tweets in a real-time tweet inbox. You get the chance to reply, like and even tag a tweet for follow-up if needed. This tool can provide very useful insights when used for product research.

Google trends

Google-trendsThis list wouldn’t be complete without Google trends. With Google trends, you can see not just the present but the past with data that stretches back to 2004. You can see searches and keywords with increasing and declining interests. This gives you great information about products that is garnering a large following and those with declining interest. Google trends gives you the opportunity to be away of the latest technology in your niche and from your competitors.




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