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At Egnut, we have provided website design to hundreds of clients across a wide variety of industry sectors. Are you searching for a simple brochure site to lend an online presence to your business? Do you have more advanced requirements for your website design? We have a solution to fit.

We design engaging websites for both start-up and big businesses that meet your requirements no matter how complex or simple. Our highly talented and dedicated team consist of true professionals who are passionate about providing you with outstanding website design that will contribute significantly in helping your business grow and flourish.

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Our website design services are available to individuals and companies located in Southampton and places nearby such as Eastleigh, Winchester, Totton and Romsey. Egnut provides small and medium sized businesses with a wide variety of web services including premium custom website design.

Whatever your business, we will assist in making it perform better just like we have done for our clients. Our clients range from start-up businesses to big businesses and organizations whose brands you might recognise. Some of our clients include the NHS, ABP, University of Southampton, Carnival UK Southampton Solent University, Ordnance Survey, Southampton Airport, and BBC South.

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A professionally designed website has a higher chance of maintaining the attention of your site visitors. Two-thirds of people would rather read a beautifully designed piece than a plain one if they were given just 15 minutes to consume content. Don’t just upload your content, products and services without some flair. Let us use outstanding website design to increase your online sales, communicate your online brand, turn your site visitors into clients and connect you with your ideal customer. We have a straightforward approach to satisfying our customers – we will work with you till we see you are satisfied.

Ready to talk about how we can help with your website? We are all ears. We would be delighted to hear about interesting and fresh ideas for your website. Feel free to get in touch and tell us all about it.

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When it comes to finding the best website design company for your business, going local makes the most sense. For over six years, we have provided our teaming clients in and around Southampton with the best possible combination of quality and affordable website designs.

Are you looking for an affordable, attractive and results driven website? Our prices are set at competitive rates and we offer unlimited design revisions to our clients for all website designs. Our clients are assured of 100% satisfaction. We are the right choice for you if you are looking for website design that is affordable and capable of turning visitors into customers.

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 It is now more necessary than ever for websites to be responsive. 40% of people will go for a different search result if the first is not mobile friendly. Egnut specializes in creating responsive websites that are designed to scale to fit a variety of screen sizes – tablets, mobile phones, computer monitors and even widescreens. Our website design will ensure that your content is seen correctly on different devices.

In only six years, Egnut has helped hundreds of clients by providing intelligence-led strategies for website design. With a strategic, design driven approach to website design, we are able to constantly make the right choice at every stage of the creation and design process – from planning to development.

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A: Template sites offer unoriginal designs and layouts. They come with certain limitations in content display and functionality. A custom website design on the other hand, will be fully flexible and unique to your brand. In addition, when it comes to lifespan, template websites have a shorter lifespan than custom designs.

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