Why Choose PPC

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Pay Per Click (PPC) involves paying a platform to push a website to the forefront of search results and thus grant it more visibility. When PPC is paid for with a search engine such as Google, what happens is the paying website is placed at the top of search results that contain keywords specified in the PPC arrangement.

PPC is a great choice because what might take days to accomplish via organic SEO can be accomplished in less than a day with PPC. Once a PPC campaign is launched, a website can receive almost immediate results as it is placed at the very top of search engine results – Even above websites with the height of optimised SEO. The end result of this will be more traffic than the paying website is normally accustomed to.

Another great advantage of PPC is it can be used to target a wide range of audiences. That is, a PPC campaign can be designed to target only specific searchers within a specific location. It can also be used to target a more global audience across various demographics.

If you are in South East England and you are looking to increase your website’s visibility to people in the Southampton area or perhaps those in Totton, Portswood or further away, call us now on 02380 970979. Egnut can help you create and launch a PPC campaign that will place your website far ahead of its competitors and draw in the sort and quantity of visitors your website needs.

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Egnut can help you create and launch a PPC campaign that will place your website

Call us now on 02380 970979

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As Google’s cost per click dropped by 13% since 2015, more and more people have begun tapping into the power of PPC. And certain businesses have actually witnessed as much as a 100% growth in revenue after making use of PPC.

What makes a lot of individuals and businesses prefer carrying out a PPC campaign to executing an SEO strategy is PPC is much easier to carry out and visible results come about much faster. But convenience isn’t the only reason people are opting for PPC over organic SEO. Below are other reasons;

  • A PPC campaign can be arranged to target a very specific audience. This makes it such that the advertised website will be marketed to only a target audience that’s actually interested in the website’s services. This means not only a website’s traffic is greatly increased, but also its conversion rate.
  • After a PPC campaign is launched, it can still be modified and improved. That is, while the campaign is running and already yielding results, it can be further tweaked by testing other strategies that might yield even better results.
  • With PPC, you get to enjoy the best value of the campaign by having us monitor and track the entire PPC activity from beginning to end. By doing this, results from the campaign can be monitored and amended as necessary for the highest return on investment.
  • When properly executed, desired results from a PPC campaign are more immediately apparent.
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We can help you launch a PPC campaign on a wide number of platforms and at a cost that is most convenient for you. Even social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can run a PPC campaign. It all depends on what you prefer or need. But take note that 97% of mobile search advertising goes through Google. It is for this reason among many others that a lot of people prefer using Google to run a PPC campaign.

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The chief difference between PPC and organic SEO are their results. Both can be used to draw huge traffic to a website, but PPC provides more immediate results that last until the expiration of the PPC campaign, while results from organic SEO take longer to manifest and lasts longer after the SEO strategy has been implemented.

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Carrying out PPC without having a website at least minimally search engine optimised can lead to high traffic but also high bounce rate and other unfavourable results. Simply put, PPC yields better results if the website in question has been search engine optimised to a certain degree.

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Organic SEO will eventually yield results, but it might take a while. And even after the results start showing, a fully optimised website can make it to the first page of a search result but might not make it to the top of the page. But with PPC, the website makes it to the very top of search engine results.

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For the best results, it is usually advised to combine a SEO strategy with a PPC strategy. Organic SEO can get a website to the first page of search results, but PPC can be used to boost that website’s visibility by placing it at the very top of the search results.

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PPC is only as expensive as you are willing to pay. That is, you only need to pay the amount that you are willing to spend. For each click on your advertised website, the cost will be deducted from the amount you have paid. When deposited sum is exhausted, you can choose to have us renew it.

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If a PPC campaign is properly structured and implemented, results will be seen not long after the campaign is launched. We can also help you track and monitor the progress of the campaign and fine tune it as necessary for better results.

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For the past six years, Egnut has delivered data driven and intelligent PPC strategies for various firms and institutions in Southampton. Some of our clients include; BBC South, the NHS, University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, and Southampton Airport.

For quality PPC services you can depend on for high results, call us now on 02380 970979